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Course Catalog > Skilled Trades

Course Catalog

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Business and Professional Programs
MCC Corporate College offers technical training for construction workers, plumbers, electricians and other skilled-trade workers. If you’re currently participating in a registered apprenticeship program, you can earn credit through our training courses.

Click HERE to download the Spring 2017 Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship Related Instruction schedule.
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Asbestos Awareness
Conductor Installation and Devices (Level 2A)
Conductor Installation and Devices (Level 2B)
Construction Essentials
Core Curriculum: Introductory Craft Skills
Electrical Theory and Devices (Level 1A)
Electrical Theory and Devices (Level 1B)
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Intermediate
Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing - Introduction
Glazier - Intro to Glazing Codes and Sealants (Level 2A)
Glazier - Intro to Glazing Codes and Sealants (Level 2B)
Glazier - Introduction to Glass (Level 1B)
Glazier - Securing Work Area and Mounting Work Pieces (Level 3A)
Glazier -Securing Work Area and Mounting Work Pieces (Level 3B)
Global Harmonized Systems (GHS) Required Training (OSHA)
Internal Auditor Training (ISO)
Internal Auditor Training (ISO) - Overview
Introduction to Motor Controls (Level 3A)
Introduction to Motor Controls (Level 3B)
Millwright - Pumps and Conveyor Systems (Level 4A)
Millwright - Pumps and Conveyor Systems (Level 4B)
Millwright - Seals and Bearings (Level 3A)
Millwright Basic Processes
Millwright Basic Processes (Level 2A)
Millwright Basic Processes (Level 2B)
Millwright Basic Skills (Level 1B)
Motor Controls Application (Level 4A)
Motor Controls Application (Level 4B)
OSHA 30 Hrs General Industry
OSHA Safety Training (Construction - 10 hour)
OSHA Safety Training (Construction - 30 hour)
OSHA Safety Training (Industry - 10 hour)
Pipefitting (Level 3)
Plumbing (Level 3)
Plumbing (Level 4)
Plumbing - Drawings and Systems (Level 2A)
Plumbing - Intro to Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) Systems (Level 1B)
Plumbing - Intro To Plumbing (Level 1A)
Plumbing - Water Systems (Level 2B)
Project Supervision
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Sprinkler Fitting - Basic Skills (Level 2A)
Sprinkler Fitting - Documentation (Level 4B)
Sprinkler Fitting - Fire Sprinklers (Level 2B)
Sprinkler Fitting - Hydraulic Concepts (Level 4A)
Sprinkler Fitting - Introduction to Piping Systems (Level 1)
Sprinkler Fitting - Piping Installation (Level 1B)
Sprinkler Fitting - Water Systems (Level 3A)
Sprinkler Fitting 1
Sprinkler Fitting 3
Communication in Business
Computer Skills
Customer Service
Health Care
Homeland Security Training
Human Resources
Insurance Licensure
IT Certifications
Lean Six Sigma
Motorcycle Training
NYSED Mandated Training
Personal Development
Project Management
Sales Training
Skilled Trades
Small Business Skills
Supervisor/Management Development

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