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Five Star Customer Service in Health Care   

Imagine healthcare entities exhibiting the attributes of a five-star restaurant? Many of the challenges are similar - telephone etiquette, accuracy with appointment scheduling, managing wait times, effective communication, order accuracy, ensuring patients receive the clinical care they expected, managing expectations, and overall satisfaction. How would your office do if your service was compared to a five-star restaurant? This course offers health care employees the opportunity to develop and enhance skills necessary in today’s client-centric world.

Topics Include

  • Understanding the current expectations of patients
  • Learn strategies that support staff in providing exceptional service to patients and the power of the "Platinum Rule"
  • Understand the concept of "Perception is Reality"
  • Identify and understand the importance of Trust Points
  • Understand the responsibility of each healthcare team member in meeting the expectations of patients
  • Understand the commodity of "Time" and the danger of wait times
  • Understand the power of language; verbal and non-verbal
  • Learn ways to diffuse anger through active listening and effective communication techniques

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