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Facilitative Leadership Program   

Session One - Being a leader: Learn how to first lead yourself and then others! - Leadership Defined and Designed: Inside and Out - Group Dynamics: The Story of Teams and How to Lead Them Effectively - Obligations: Leaders and Followers - Assessments: Leadership and Followership - Clarity and Commitment in the Organization DNA Session Two - Building a High Performance Organization and Teams - Seven Core Stratagems - Concept and Importance of Roles - How to Make Performance Necessary - Introduction to the "Requisite Organization" Session Three - "Tools in the Toolkit" - Learn the Six Essential Skills of Facilitative Leadership - Understanding communication and "framing" - Being Accomplished at leading with questions - Achieving master of "Improv" techniques - Putting the ensemble, and keeping the ensemble, on course - Ingeniously fulfilling the ever-changing demands of their role - Optimizing individual returns from group performance - Coaching and Mentoring Others (Intro. Course 101) Conclusion - Success and the Challenge of Choice - Recap and Creation of Accountability Plan - Review of DISC Motivational and Behavioral Profile - What's Next:

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