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Trust and Transparency Leadership Certificate Series   

The performance of any organization, regardless of size or industry, is determined by the culture that is created by its leaders. This general leadership course will energize and challenge leaders to find pathways for effective and impactful relationships to motivate people and stimulate positive action through trust. The series enhances the understanding and practice of great leadership, providing the necessary resources to develop a continuous cycle of success in the work place.

• Leadership, Motivation, and Culture – What is the nature of success and todays perspectives for motivation and leading others?

• Leadership and Building Trust – Learn the nature of trust and how it governs all aspects of a business. Develop a model and understanding the technology on building trust.

• Communication and People Skills – Understanding others, situations, and how to manage each through emotional intelligence and effective conflict resolution builds respected leadership.

• Organizational and Corporate Skills – How to develop an excellent strategy, increase customer focus and actualize vision.

• Integrating Work and Your Life – Learn a 9-step model to successfully change initiatives. Improve utilization of time, plot the future with accuracy, and still obtain better work/life balance.


  • Trust and Transparency Leadership Certificate Series WBUS436


  • Item: 44781

    Fee: $499.00

  • Instructor: Bob Whipple

    Capacity Remaining: 15

  • Dates: 3/7/2022 - 4/4/2022

    Times: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Sessions: 5

    Days: M

  • Building: Economic & Workforce Development Center

    Room: Training Rm 2

  • Classes may be conducted remotely, via Zoom, pending classroom delivery resumption.