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Escalating Office Conflict - Effective Communication, Handling Anger, Staying Safe Under Siege   

Headlines scream regularly - "Office Worker Threatened," "Angered Patient Holds Hostages," "Active Shooter Threatens Dentist." Conflict and violence in health care settings are rare, but occurring. This two-day course prepares office workers, inside and outside the health care arena, for problems that escalate to conflict, shift to rage, and could grow violent. Two experts in conflict management and public safety team to bring awareness and action for frontline and other staff on situations that could quickly become emergencies.

Session one covers existing stressors for patients and families, recognizing heightened interactions, and strategies of effective conflict communication skills. Escalating scenarios are reviewed with the focus on maintaining safety and ensuring productive behaviors exist to solve problems, quell and resolve conflict including observation and role play of "well-managed interaction."

Session two takes situations to potential aggressive or violent state highlighting the risk factors and circumstances that raise the potential for violence. How do I react and act with an aggressive patient or client? How do I recognize when a situation escalates belong an employee's capability to handle and emergency services are needed? What do I do in an active shooter situation?

Real-life situations and role play practice round out an important program that arms participants with signs, tactics, and safety procedure to react if trouble intensifies.

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