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Building Trust   

Includes 30-day video series!

Numerous studies have shown that organizations in which team members ahare a high degree of trust perform between 200%-400% higher than among team members what don't trust each other. Even a small increase in trust among team members will improve bottom-line results in your organization!

This program starts with a live four-hour briefing on the subject matter. It is followed by a 30-day set of short (3 minutes each) videos delivered by e-mail on different ideas about trust and how they can be applied at work.

The videos share vital information about the importance of trust, and about how to cultivate a trusting environment in any team to support improved performance. Leaders, managers, and team members may have an intellectual understanding of the power they have to create a trusting workplace culture, but few of them understand the specific behaviors they must change in order to make the shift.Over the course of 30 days, you will see a positive difference in the trust within your organization starting in the first week. That means higher productivity, profits and more engaged employees!

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