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Leading Ourselves through Mindfullness Certificate Series   

Mastering the mindset, aplomb, and habits necessary for leading ourselves is an essential precondition to effectively leading others. The effective, conscious leader intentionally cultivates high employee engagement and attracts as well as retains exceptional talent. Other scientifically validated benefits of regular mindfulness meditation are directly relevant for leaders including: heightened creativity and reduced emotional re-activity. This series focuses on improving self-awareness through mindfulness practices.

Sessions include:

1: Introduction to Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

2: The theory and practice of Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace™ practical applications for improving leadership impact and influence.

3: How to apply Mindfulness-on-the-Go™ in the areas of: steller work create conditions for happiness for ourselves and for others

4: How to practice the self mastery technique of Poise Under Pressure™ for avoiding triggers, managing distress, and mastering challenging emotions.

5: The Art of Self-Motivation™ for encouraging ourselves and others to "bring" our best game every day

6: Understanding and connecting with others through Enhanced Empathy™

7: How to adopt the Conscious Leadership Mindset™ through developing Exceptional social acumen and enlivening genuine compassion


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