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Dining Etiquette   

Whether attending a cocktail hour, formal dinner or business event, this workshop prepares participants to skillfully navigate any dining occasion with confidence and grace. This course is ideal for young professionals, those new to the workforce, and self organized groups. Course held at Max of Eastman Place. Seats are limited.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Take a seat and use a napkin correctly
  • Identify cutlery
  • Explain a basic place of setting and order of courses
  • Set a 5-course place setting
  • Eat bread and rolls properly
  • Consume soup correctly
  • Explain the UK, Continental and American dining styles
  • Deal with difficult food
  • Eat dessert with a for and spoon
  • Explain dining dos and donts
  • Explain the protocol for order, seating, paying and tipping

There are no classes currently available.

For inquiries, please call 585.685.6004 to get information regarding future classes.

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