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Manager/Leader Coaching Certification   

Practical Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

This course is designed for managers and leaders who possess a strong desire to implement coaching principles in developing high-performance, engaged teams; teams composed of members who have been coached to realize and deliver their full potential, their "A-Game", with consistency and passion.

How is coaching different from traditional mentoring and managing? How do I share my business wisdom without coming across as a know-it-all? How do I expand my influence on team members without resorting to authority (because-I'm the boss). This course will assist attendees in navigating the dense jungle of misinformation about the nature and practice of a coaching relationship. Our focus will be on getting results from existing and new team members through practical application and by translation insights into action.

Attendees will receive a certification upon completion. This Manager/Leader Coaching Certification was designed by seasoned coach Bruce Wayne McLellan, integrating top lessons learned from 12-plus years' experience as a Leadership Coach.


There are no classes currently available.

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