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Advanced Body Language: Planting Seeds of Trust   

Body language actually makes up the bulk of communication between individuals, yet many of us have had little formal training on how to read body language of others or how to control our own. This four hour course will serve as a primer on the topic of body language in a fun and experiential session.

You will learn how body language works in the following areas through discussion, demonstration, and with video clips.

  • Facts and myths about Body Language
  • First impressions - 12 tips for the critical first 10 seconds
  • Use of personal space and how it defines power
  • Facial expressions
  • Learn dozens of ways ti express emotions facially
  • The Eyes - the window to the mind
  • The mouth - most body language includes some mouth configurations
  • Micro-expressions - very small and fleeting movements that mean a whole lot
  • Gestures - How the hands and arms give richness to Body Language
  • Stance - How you stand has a lot to do with the level of trust you will build
  • Legs - amazing insights by observing the legs when seated
  • Posture - gives a total impression before any of the detail is observed
  • Virtual communication - How we experience body language in e-mail, texts etc

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