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Visual Inspection of Weldments Basic / Level I   

Who: Fabricators, Welders, Engineers, Inspection/ Quality Control, Shop Supervisory personnel, and Certified Welding Inspector candidates.

What: This course is designed to cover the basics of weld inspection for discontinuities & defects. The main purpose is to allow those who work with welding to recognize the conditions that lead to common defects. This will further discuss what to do when defects are present, and how to repair and avoid them. The course will introduce conditions for the inspection of weldments, requirements of Welding Procedures (WPS) and the Welder performance documentation. It will also cover how to read acceptance criteria as seen in common code work. Workmanship criteria for AWS D1.1 (Steel), D1.2 (Aluminum), D1.6 (Stainless Steel), D1.3 (Sheet Steel), ASME B&PV, and others will be discussed. This course will include the use of weld gauges for size and proper weld profiles.

A review of weld symbols will be included for this course. For those taking both the Visual level I and II for qualification, it is recommended that the Welding symbol course be taken to enhance success.

Note: This Course requires the passing of a written & practical examination for the completion in accordance with a written inspection procedure (to ASNT SNT-TC-1a) with a minimum 80% to be used as a qualification with an in house inspection program.

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