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Visual Inspection of Weldments Advanced / Level II   

Who: Fabricators, Welders, Engineers, Inspection/ Quality Control, Shop Supervisory personnel, and Certified Welding Inspector candidates.

What: This course is designed to cover requirements weld inspection for discontinuities & defects in accordance with code based programs. The thrust of this program is to bring enhance all aspects of the use of visual weld inspection in a welding or other quality control programs. The course will cover the inspection of weldments; requirements of Welding Procedures (WPS) and the Welder performance documentation in detail; acceptance criteria as seen in common code work; workmanship criteria for AWS D1.1 (Steel), D1.2 (Aluminum), D1.6 (Stainless Steel), D1.3 (Sheet Steel), ASME B&PV; use of weld gauges for size and proper weld profiles. Other codes may be included if requested / required for a given program.

A review of weld symbols will be included for this course. For those taking both the Visual level I and II for qualification it is recommended that the Welding symbol course be taken to enhance success.

This Course requires the passing of a written & practical examination for the completion in accordance with a written inspection procedure (to ASNT SNT-TC-1a) with a minimum 80% to be used as a qualification with an in house inspection program.

There are no classes currently available.

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