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Certified Nurse Assistant Training and Development Program   

The comprehensive Certified Nurse Assistant Training and Development program meets current learning needs identified by employers and students. Along with the entire mandated CNA program content, lab work, and clinical experience, this full program offers a more thorough experience with training and professional development, networking, and support for up to four months beyond the completion of the basic class. These enhancements promote greater opportunity for students to build skills and enrich job engagement along their career pathway with the goal to also improve retention of quality employees for participating employers. Course price $2,650.00

CNA Training and Development CLASSES ARE ON-GOING, however, they are not available for direct registration. All individuals must first register and attend the Basic Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program Workshop to learn more about program details, class expectations, dates and times. Please follow the below link to be considered for the program.

  Click here to be taken to the Basic Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program Workshop Page

**You may also qualify for a grant through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity (WIOA) program @ RochesterWorks. Training funds may be available to Monroe and surrounding county residents who can demonstrate they are unable to sustain employment or improve their employment status with their current skills. Usually this involves working with a staff member at one of their career centers who will provide services to help you look for work. This might involve revising a resume or cover letter, helping with interviewing skills, and reviewing job search records and strategies. Based on this assessment, you and the staff member may determine that additional training is needed in order to find suitable employment. You may need to meet certain income guidelines to be eligible for the grant. For additional information please call RochesterWorks at 585-258-3500.



There are no classes currently available.

For inquiries, please call 585.685.6004 to get information regarding future classes.