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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training   

Government agencies are reporting record numbers of sexual harassment complaints, harassment-based lawsuits are on the rise, and the #MeToo movement has increased awareness of the harm sexual harassment causes victims. New York State now requires every employer – regardless of size – to provide all employees with sexual harassment prevention training which meets specific requirements to help reduce the incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace. From a business perspective, sexual harassment negatively affects employees, disrupts the workplace, and costs employers hundreds of millions of dollars annually. This fast-paced interactive sexual harassment prevention training workshop uses real life examples to help participants understand what is and is not sexual harassment, and the wide area in the middle. Participants will also learn to recognize harassing behaviors, how to intervene, and how to report suspected harassment, or file a formal complaint. Other forms of harassment and retaliation will also be discussed, and participants will take a short quiz at the conclusion of the workshop. This training program meets all New York State requirements.

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