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Holding People Accountable Correctly   

We have a challenging economy, and most organizations need top performance from their workforce to survive. Trying to hold people accountable often reduces the trust levels in groups, which is devastating to morale and productivity. If this rings true for your organization, you will profoundly benefit from attending this four-hour course.

Bob Whipple is known internationally as "The Trust Ambassador." He has written five books on the topic of building and maintaining trust in organizations. He has been named by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the top 15 thought leaders on the subject of Leadership by Trust Across America: Trust Around the World.

In this experiential course we will explore:

  • The mistakes leaders often make when holding people accountable
  • The relationship between trust and accountability
  • A five part model for improving accountability
  • The results that are achieved by improving trust
  • How the culture will benefit by a balanced approach
  • Case studies and role playing exercise to support learning

Students benefit from this program through a crystal clear view of the importance of trust and an understanding that tie in with accountability. They will share their own personal observations about the nature of trust and accountability. Participants will practice a five-part model for how to hold people accountable in a more effective manner.

Please join Bob for a morning you will long remember as entertaining, highly informative, and critically insightful.


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