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Facebook and Instagram Sales and Advertising Level 1   

Learn the basics of creating and executing advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Paid advertising on these popular platforms will help business owners reach more customers by speaking to their perfect target audience. Facebook ads are different from boosted or organic posts on a business’s page. When used effectively, they are much more powerful and can increase marketing efficiency by eliminating wasted advertising impressions and dollars. Facebook and Instagram ads can be shown to potential customers using various tools available, delivering marketing messages to consumers regarding specific products, services, or organizations. Students who take this course should expect the following outcomes:

• Awareness of essential marketing, advertising terms, and audience targeting concepts.

• Understanding of the purpose of Facebook Ads Manager and how to access and use it.

• Knowledge of how to properly set up Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, ad sets, and creative copy.

• Best practices for writing and creating various Facebook and Instagram ads.

• Planning, building, and launching an effective Facebook or Instagram campaign.

• Reviewing and optimization of campaign performance using Facebook Ads Manager.

Prerequisites: At least an intermediate level of experience using a PC or Macbook, with a working, internet-enabled laptop computer and current operating system. Google Chrome should be installed. Attendees should have a functional Facebook and Instagram account set up before class.


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