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Licensed Practical Nurse Program (LPN)   

Monroe Community College, Economic & Workforce Development Center will be graduating the next LPN cohort October 27, 2023!!   We are very excited to celebrate the first evening cohort graduation!


The next step in your rewarding health care career is here! This comprehensive LPN training and development program is designed to provide career advancement opportunities for good-standing, hard-working, Certified Nurse Assistants and other entry level health care workers.  Spanning over 13-months and 1200 clinical, lab, and classroom hours.  This program prepares future LPNs for the NCLEX-PN exam for licensure and a rewarding health care career.  Please note - students in the LPN program must maintain an 80% (79.45%) grade throughout the program in order to continue on to the next course.  Please click here for the LPN Application


We are currently accepting applications for Spring Cohort:  Interview deadline: October 10, 2023 

Application deadline: October 13. 2023



TEAS test are wrapping up now!  To learn more visit TEAS Test Prep Workshops Series




Admissions Requirements

To apply for the Licensed Practical Nursing Program applicants must:

  • Have proof of a United States high school diploma or GED 
  • Status appropriate for licensure
  • Be at least 18 years old to obtain a New York State Practical Nursing license.
  • Successfully pass all four TEAS tests (reading, language, math, science) with a minimum basic score.
  • Submit a professional packet of application to the program
  • Professional Interview


Professional Application Packet:

The application packet includes the following:

      1. Letter of interest.  
      2. Resume
      3. A copy of high school diploma or GED
      4. 3 letters of reference (detailed requirements are in application packet)
      5. A professional Essay (detailed requirements are in application packet)
      6. An Academic and Financial Plan (detailed requirements are in application packet)
      7. Health Release Form (detailed requirements are in application packet)
      8. TEAS test report with minimal score of 41 on all four sections
    1. All candidates who attain a Proficient score on all four sections are invited to continue to apply directly to the LPN program and will be considered first (as long as they have submitted a full professional application packet).
    2. Candidates that do not attain Proficient on all four sections but attain a Basic score in any one of the four exams will be invited to attend a Clinical Bridge class to strengthen their academic foundation prior to applying to the program. These candidates will be considered upon the completion of the Bridge program.

Note:  **All candidates must pass each of the four TEAS exams with a Basic score or higher.


Application Packet (with all items included) must be hand delivered or mailed to the below address:

MCC Downtown Campus 

Health Care Programs

321 State Street, 6th Floor – Suite 650

Rochester NY  14608

             Incomplete applications will not be accepted.



Acceptance is based on the following criteria:

  1. TEAS test scores
  2. Review of submitted material
  3. Interview/consideration of experience in the field

The admissions team of instructors, coaches, and administrator will consider the applicant’s TEAS test scores and the required documents in order to make the best selections for the program.  Each student will be notified about acceptance in writing within 2 weeks of the submission deadline.



Upon indicated interest, future applicants will be mailed information about the process of the entrance exam (TEAS 7) as well as resources to help prepare.

Resources, such as a study guide and outline practice test (TEAS 7), can be purchased directly through the test company (ATI) at

In addition, a TEAS test preparation course is also offered at MCC. 

To learn more visit TEAS Test Prep Workshops Series

This is an optional course designed to improve reading comprehension, review scientific knowledge, and enhance math skill.  Instruction in test taking strategies and effective study skills is also included. Taking this course does not guarantee placement in the LPN program.  For more information email Kelsey Kloper at or contact the Health Care Programs at 585-685-6287


Bridge Program

To better prepare students for the content and rigor of an LPN program, MCC offers a Clinical Bridge program for individuals who have successfully passed the TEAS test with a minimum score of 41 on all four test sections (Math, Science, Reading, and English Language).  Throughout the four weeks (20 hours per week) prior to the start of the LPN program, students will gain a greater foundation in the content areas of Math, Science, and English, as well as study and test taking strategies.  Students will get a feel for the structure and rigor of an LPN program to better inform their choice to enroll and their plan for success.  This is offered as a P/F.  Students must pass to be considered for enrollment in the LPN program. 


To apply to the Bridge Program:

-     Score at least a basic score on the TEAS test. 

-     Complete short application form. 

-     Interview with program staff.

Seats are limited and all applicants are not guaranteed to be accepted.


MEDICAL CLEARANCE (Health Release Form)

Medical clearance must be obtained in order to participate in this training program.  This immunizations/ blood work verification requirement is indicated on the authorized physical examination form and MUST be completed by a physician. 



MCC will assist all students in applying for various grant and tuition resources.  All applicants will apply to Rochester Works for funding consideration. 

  • To be eligible with any and all funding sources each applicant must complete paperwork and follow up with Success Coaches.


Below are projected schedules for the two annual cohorts (subject to minor changes)


Spring cohort:  Weekly schedule is Tues through Saturday for class and lab, Saturday and Sunday for clinical.

Bridge program:                                              Feb/March 2023


Quarter 1: Anatomy and Physiology              April 3-June 2, 2023  (Spring break off April 3-7, 2023) 

           Late enroll applications (with academic credit for Anatomy and Physiology): May 19, 2023


Quarter 2: PN 100/Service Learning              June 5 – Sept 22, 2023 (Labor Day weekend off Aug 30-Sept 5,                                                                                      2023)


Quarter 3: PN 200/Intro to Psy                       Sept 24- Jan 26, 2024 (Off Thanksgiving November 22-24,

                                                                          Christmas break December 22-Jan 2, 2024)


Quarter 4: PN 300/Lifespan/N-Clex prep       Jan 28 – May 31, 2024 (President’s week off Feb. 19-23,

                                                                          Spring break April 1-5, 2023)


Fall Cohort: Weekly schedule is two nights per week 5-9pm, Friday 8-4pm, Clinical Saturday and Sunday

TEAS Test Prep:                                             June/July 2023

Application to Bridge Program                     Sept 13, 2023

Bridge Program:                                             Sept 18- October 13, 2023


* Application Deadline for Cohort 4 is October 13, 2023 at 1pm


Quarter 1: Anatomy and Physiology            October 23- December 22, 2023 (Off Thanksgiving November 22-24,                                                                           2023)  Break December 19, 2023 - Jan 2, 2023

  Late enroll applications (with academic credit for Anatomy and Physiology): December 19, 2023 


Quarter 2: PN 100/Service Learning             Jan 3- April 25, 2024 (President’s week (2/16-2/23) and spring break                                                                           (4/13-4/20) off)


Quarter 3: PN 200/Intro to Psy                       April 28 – August 15, 2024 (Memorial day and July 4 off)



Quarter 4: PN 300/Lifespan/N-Clex prep       August 19 – December 19, 2024 (Labor day weekend and                                                                                            Thanksgiving off)

*****Students must successfully complete all requirements of the program and achieve a green light with ATI to be scheduled for the NCLEX exam.*****


Click here for the LPN Application. 


For more information email Kelsey Kloper at

Contact the Health Care Programs at 585-685-6287 or 

Visit MCC Downtown Campus, 321 State Street, 6th Floor - Suite 650, Rochester NY 14608.


We are currently accepting applications for Spring Cohort:  Interview deadline: October 10, 2023 

Application deadline: October 13. 2023

















There are no classes currently available.

For inquiries, please call 585.685.6004 to get information regarding future classes.

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