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AI Certificate for Corporate Management   

Artificial Intelligence Certificate for Corporate Management is a carefully crafted training program designed to empower executives, managers, and decision-makers with a strategic understanding of AI’s transformative potential for their businesses.


The 24-hour program will deliver insights, emphasizing practical applications while minimizing technical complexities. It will also delve into the ethical dimensions of AI, ensuring participants become knowledgeable in responsible practices. Navigating the regulatory landscape and anticipating future trends will further equip attendees with the foresight needed to guide their organizations through the evolving AI ecosystem.


The training program will be conducted through a combination of live lectures, interactive workshops, case studies, and facilitated discussions to ensure maximum engagement and knowledge retention. Practical applications will be demonstrated through user- friendly AI tools tailored for decision support and customer engagement. Participants will also have the opportunity to collaborate on practical exercises to apply their learning in a simulated business context.


The course will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3 hours)
Session 2: Understanding AI Technologies (3 hours)
Session 3: Understanding Deep Learning (3 hours)
Session 4: Applications of AI in Business (3 hours)
Session 5: Other AI Tools (3 hours)
Session 6: Implementing AI Strategies (3 hours)

Session 7: Managing AI Risks, Cybersecurity, and Ethical Considerations (3 hours)
Session 8: Leadership in the AI Era (3 hours)


Pre-requisites: Role as a Manager, Decision-Maker or Business Executive


Seven live instructor-led sessions will be over Zoom and one session will be at FWD Center (date and time TBD).

  • AI Certificate for Corporate Management WITP400


  • Item: 48564

    Fee: $1,995.00

  • Instructor: Anwar El-Homsi

    Capacity Remaining: 12

  • Dates: 9/16/2024 - 10/9/2024

    Times: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

  • Sessions: 8

    Days: M W

  • Building: ONLINE

    Room: Zoom Meetings

  • This is an online Zoom section.


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